Saturday, June 17, 2017

Another Word from the Lord 6-9-17

Another Word from the Lord 6-9-17

It is time. It is the appointed time and season for another shift, another awakening to what I am saying and doing in the hearts of My people. New revelation, fresh revelation, and new layers of revelation are coming to My people now. You will see things you've never seen before, and you will see deeper and more clearly into what I've previously shown you.

Those who are hungry for more of Me will find themselves full to overflowing. Those who are thirsty for more revelation will be filled with more and more. I am unraveling old mindsets that cloud your vision and hearing. Old mindsets and strongholds are being removed for those who will let go of the old.

Come, fellowship with Me, so you can live and move and have your being within Me; so you can fully experience My life in you. For My heart is to reveal myself to My Children, My Sons and Daughters. Life can be so much more than what you've thought or imagined!

There is an excitement happening now in the Spirit. There is an explosion of Spiritual perception, clarity and power waiting to fall upon those who come away to be with Me. Always I am calling, "Come away, come away, My Beloved." But there is an acceleration now, because it is time! So come now, come quickly. Embrace what I desire to do in your life now!

Sharon A Seidel

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